Job Id OEJ0000001816

Drilling Supervisor

in Rigs United Arab Emirates

Modified Date:   24th February 2019

Experience: 4+ Years
Job Category: Drilling - Supervisor
Education Basic - Bachelor of Technology / Engineering
Job Type Permanent

Other Details


Purpose and Scope

Participates in operational activities related to drilling, workover, and/or well completion carried out by contractors/services companies on assigned rig.  Includes following up the proper implementation of various operational programs, e.g. drilling, workover, completion, logging, testing, acidizing, etc. reviewing and proposing amendments to approved programs in response to changing operational parameters. Ensures that all operations on the rig site and camp area are carried out in accordance with pertinent contract provisions consistent with Company’s safety, environment and loss prevention policies, rules and regulations. Follows up supply activities of Company materials and equipment to ensure effective utilization.  Drafts the drilling/workover morning report summarizing all rig activities in the previous 24 hours.  Participate in all necessary communications to take & hand over location from & to field operations.

 The incumbent is on call 24 hours during his tour of duty.



supervises locations preparations and the execution of all routine operational programs carried out by drilling contractor/service companies on assigned rig covering drilling, workover, well completion and related activities.

  • Safety record of assigned rig operations.
  • Jobs are carried out as per approved program.
  • Timely follow up and effective monitoring of contractors work practices.


Alerts Drilling Supervisor on the rig of anticipated snags in normal operations and implements minor amendments to approved program as directed.


  • Simple troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Timely reporting of detected/anticipated snags.


Monitors and reports on the activities of service company personnel involved in the provision of technical services/ operations covering, wireline logging, fishing, running and pulling, tubing, running completions, acidizing, cementing, production testing, sampling, coring, etc. 


  • Jobs are carried out as per approved program.
  • Timely follow up and effective monitoring and review of contractors work practices.
  • Concise and accurate reporting.
  • Service company adherence to company safety & environment protection rules & regulations.


Follows up on supply activities related to Company provided materials and equipment on assigned rig. Liaises with Company Stores to Ensures timely return of equipment and surplus materials.


  • Accurate & early identification of required company provided materials and equipment.
  • Economic consumption and safe utilization of Company supplied materials and equipment.
  • Timely return of surplus material & equipment.


Participates in rig moves to ensure safety of Company facilities e.g. flow lines, power lines, wellhead accessories, etc.


  • Timely commencement of operations.
  • Safe and hygienic location of contractor camp.
  • Clean and tidy well site with access control.


Participates in receiving completed well from contractor and witnesses handover certificate to field operations.

Work on Rigless operations and CT


  • Safe plugging of wells.
  • Sound fitting of Christmas tree accessories.
  • Leveling of well site


Drafts a variety of cost and activity reports such as daily costing, cumulative expenditure reports including consumption of materials, equipment and general progress of work.


  • Timely and accurate reporting.


Instructs and advises contractors on safety measures to be taken during adverse weather conditions that may cause delay. 


  • Precautions to be taken to protect well heads and other facilities are identified and advised to concerned personnel.


Participates in auditing contractors’ operational records and reports to ensure compliance with terms of contract.


  • Contractors’ performance audit reports.
  • Reports on contractors tools effectiveness.


Inspects contractors’ camp to ensure compliance with company safety, environment and hygiene policies and standards. Investigate and reports cases of non-compliance with terms of contract.


  • Thorough investigation reports.
  • Follow up on corrective action.


Participates in the training and development of assigned UAE national employees. Administer on the job training/familiarization programs and reports on progress.


  • Timely and accurate progress reporting.


Knows the Company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures, regulations and objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility, and ensures that they are effectively implemented in his domain.


  • Safe working at all times. Zero LTI & spills
  • Effective accident investigation and follow up.
  • Effective monitoring and review of contractors and service companies work practices.
  • Effective implementation of SMS plan.


Minimum Job Requirements:

  • B. Sc. Degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent.  Plus relevant courses in drilling and bow out prevention methods.
  • 4 years experience in drilling and workover activities. 

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