Job Id OEJ0000002199

Sr. Risk Management Engineer

in United Arab Emirates

Modified Date:   15th September 2019

Experience: 12+ Years
Job Category: Engineering - Risk
Education Basic
Job Type Contract

Other Details

Job Positions: Risk Management Engineer/ Senior Risk Management Engineer/ Assistant Manager Risk Management 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide expertise in Safety Engineering, Process Safety, and Risk Management for design and engineering of Upstream and Downstream Operations, including offshore, subsea, onshore, and pipeline facilities.
  • Provide risk management inputs, as required, to business continuity, emergency response and crisis management programs.
  • Ensure conformance of any facility modifications with applicable Safety Engineering, Process Safety, and Risk Management standards, design specifications, policies and philosophies
  • Oversee and manage PHA process for all facilities, including non-routine operations, Project modifications, Facility Modification Proposals (FMP), Downgraded Situations (DGS), and revalidation cycles.  Serve as Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Chairman for in-house PHAs utilizing HAZOP, What-If and HAZID methodologies, including scope and supporting documentation verifications, issuance of reports, action tracking, and communication of associated risks.
  • Support and represent Risk Management on all risk assessment and PHA teams chaired by third-party consultants, including but not limited to HAZID, HAZOP, and SIL.
  • Support management of Downgraded Situations, including meeting PHA requirements and maintaining DGS Register updates.
  • Develop and implement Safety Engineering, Process Safety, and Risk Management program documents for conformance with Company and regulatory requirements, and best industry practices.
  • Assist in the determination of ‘safety critical’ for establishment of safety performance standards for Safety Critical Equipment and Systems (SCE/SCS) in line with Company and best industry practices.
  • Liaise with other departments to ensure compliance and implementation of Safety Engineering, Process Safety, and Risk Management standards, design specifications, policies and philosophies.
  • Oversee gathering and verification of Process Safety data received from identified focal points, and issuance of monthly reporting of key performance indicators and metrics; prepare trending and analysis of process safety metrics data and propose updates and enhancements  .
  • Oversee classification of incidents as Process Safety Events (PSE) and Tier determination.
  • Support Process Safety Event (PSE) incident investigations, reporting, and follow-up.
  • Interface with Operations, Technical Services, Projects, and contractors/consultants to ensure the company's Risk Management requirements and expectations are continuously understood and met; to identify strategies for improving risk related matters in design, engineering, and operation of facilities; to troubleshoot risk engineering issues; to ensure follow-up and implementation of risk reduction measures; and to propose methods of hazard and risk reduction.
  • Perform Consequence Analysis, including toxic gas dispersion, flammable gas dispersion, overpressure / explosion, and flare thermal radiation calculations and model simulations.
  • Responsible for ensuring that HSE/Safety Cases and Risk Registers are updated to reflect current facility risk levels.
  • Propose methods of risk reduction for Safety Engineering, Process Safety, and of potential hazards in offshore/onshore operations using proper risk management procedures.
  • Follow up and facilitate closure of  risk management-assigned actions identified in internal and external audits.
  • Oversee fire protection system design and engineering.
  • Develop and supervise consultancy contracts for Process Safety and Risk Management related matters, including HSE Case, risk studies/assessments, CBA and ALARP demonstration, detailed Consequence Analysis, QRAs, FERA/EERA, PFP studies, blast studies, and work related to active and passive safety systems and equipment.
  • Work with other relevant departments to assess impacts associated with acceptability of deviations/relaxation of  risk management-related Company requirements.
  • Ensure risk management related studies, recommendations, and procedures are in line with current status of operations for all facilities.
  • Assess risks, risk benefits, and perform feasibility studies with regards to the implementation of risk reduction measures proposed by risk assessments and internal or external audits, in an effort to demonstrate ALARP.
  • Serve as Emergency Management Team HSE representative, as available.
  • Interface and provide guidance and technical support to MOC construction team and PSSR team for  risk management-related matters and issues.
  • Perform other similar or related duties as assigned by Senior Manager Risk.


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